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About us

We provide Outdoor Catering Service.

Gujarati Food, the world famous cuisine, which is well-known for its inherent
sweetness and richness of appetizing recipes.

A typical Gujarati thali filled with tasty dishes like Dal/Kadhi, Rotli, Rice and mix vegetable, known as Shaak/Sabzi can arrest your taste senses with its traditionally rich outlook and appetizing aroma. Gujarati traditional cuisine is famous for its perfect blend of spicy and sweet taste. Richness of vegetarian food items and a vast range of options in terms of dishes are some of the incredible specialties that turns Gujarati Gastronomy world famous. Swaad Resturant looks your way, with such authentic and richly prepared Gujarati dishes.

We see, define and present Swaad Resturant as a traditionally rich potpourri labeled as authentic Jain Food, Marwari cuisine, Gujarati delicacies, Satvik Food. Here, your taste is our priority.This potpourri surely whiffs out mouthwatering aroma of true Indian spices, recipes of delicious south Indian dishes, seasons and flavors from the traditional roots of cooking in northern part of India. And, we never forget to put LOVE in this potpourri. Famous for its savory flavors, rich authentic food and world class professional serving, Swaad has manifested its presence in Singapore.But, the introduction of this elite food chain doesn’t stop here because it is more than just a food joint. It is the mirror of north Indian culture. Greeting the guests with Namastaey, a great salute in Indian style to the visitors is the theme of this food joint. That certainly justifies its brand name.

The Indian restaurant brings you gorgeous ambience with homely feel, where you can sit comfortably and indulge into real taste of north Indian food. While chatting with your friends, family members and professional contacts at the dining table, enjoy the mouthwatering recipe perfectly blended with professional service. You are in the right place and you will definitely going to enjoy your meal.

Live your passion for food genuinely & vividly at Swaad Resturant because it’s the passion that boosts
you up to enjoy every mouthful of life’s taste.